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Our two Testing Centers are the core of the ASVAB Prep Tests service. This is where you will create and complete your practice tests and manage your subscription.

Part of what makes ASVAB Prep Tests so popular is that not only do our students have complete access to our Online Testing Center for testing on the computer with a web browser, but they also have unlimited access to our Mobile Testing Center for testing on nearly any mobile device. One account, one low price, unlimited flexibility.

Within both Testing Centers you can create tests of different "types". The type of test you select determines the number of total questions in the test and the category(s) from which the questions will be randomly selected. This allows you to focus on specific areas where you need the most help and create tests to match the amount of study time you have available.

Below is a recap of the different types of tests available in both Testing Centers. You can generate an unlimited number of each of these tests. Each time a test is generated, the appropriate number of questions will be "pulled" from our huge library of 1,500+ questions.

Type Questions Description
Full "Mirror" Tests 60 Full length tests that mirror the ASVAB. All question categories are represented, just like the real test.
Category Masters 20 These shorter tests are specific to core categories (sub-tests) and allow you to focus on specific areas where you need some help.
Quick Hitters 10 These shortened exams are perfect for times when you only have a few minutes.

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