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Introducing the Online Testing Center

The Online Testing Center is your training “base camp” when you access ASVAB Prep Tests from your laptop or computer. (You'll be connected to the Mobile Testing Center when accessing with a mobile device) From the Online Testing Center you’ll launch new tests, access your unfinished tests and review your progress.

Powerful Features

Only ASVAB Prep Tests offers the advanced features you need to maximize your study time, such as:

Multi-Session - Start a test now and finish at a later time. Pick up exactly where you left off without losing progress.
Sure Notes - A Sure Note is a powerful explanation written by our team of experts to help you to understand the actual concept being reviewed by the question. Many of the more than 1,500 questions in our library has a Sure Note, which will make learning the information easier and bring you closer to earning a high score on the ASVAB.
Exam Variety - Within the Testing Center you can create tests of different "types". The type of test you select determines the number of total questions in the test and the category(s) from which the questions will be randomly selected. This allows you to focus on specific areas where you need the most help and create tests to match the amount of study time you have available.

How does it differ from the Mobile Testing Center?

The Mobile Testing Center provides an identical set of features, but in a format designed specifically for mobile devices such as IPhones and IPads. As a ASVAB Prep Tests user you'll have full and unlimited access to both Testing Centers!