AFQT Test Questions

AFQT Explained

AFQT Explained

As we reviewed in our ASVAB overview, the military looks at your scores on certain sections, or sub-tests, within the ASVAB to determine if you are eligible to enlist. Your results on four (4) of the sub-tests are added together and called your AFQT score.

Your AFQT score will be used to see if you meet the minimum standards set by the branch of the military that you are applying for. If not, you cannot enlist in that branch. As we will review below, each branch of the military has set their own minimum score requirements.

Let’s first understand how your AFQT score is calculated.

AFQT Scores

The military calculates your AFQT score by adding up a handful of the subtest scores that we just reviewed. In fact, they look at 4 (four) of the 9 (nine) subtests contained in the ASVAB. Your AFQT score is important since it is used to determine your eligibility to enlist. If your score on the AFQT does not meet the minimums set by the specific branch of the military, then you cannot enlist.

AFQT scores are based on your scores from the following four subtests:

AFQT subtests

AFQT scores are represented as percentiles in the range of 1 to 99. The percentile score indicates how a candidate’s score compares to a reference group of test takers. If an ASVAB candidate has an AFQT score of 75, this means that their score is higher than 75% of the test takers in the reference sample group. Your reference group is going to be based on your characteristics such as age, education level, etc. The idea is to compare you against similar students.

The formula for calculating your AFQT score:
AFQT = MK + AR + 2 x VE, where
MK = Your Mathematics Knowledge Score
AR = Your Arithmetic Knowledge Score
VE = PC + WK = Your Paragraph Comprehension (PC) score + Your Word Knowledge Score (WK)

This score is then converted to a percentile by comparing it to scores from your representative sample group. Once the AFQT score is computed as a percentile, it is then categorized as follows:

Category AFQT Range
I 93 – 99
II 65 – 92
III A 50 – 64
III B 31 – 49
IV A 21 – 30
IV B 16 – 20
IV C 10 – 15
V 1 - 9

Category I = highest/best

Minimum AFQT Scores

Each branch of the military sets its own standards for enlistment. In general, a much higher AFQT score is required from applicants with a GED than their counterparts with a high school diploma. These minimum AFQT scores for each branch are below.


Minimum AFQT Score (with High School Diploma): 36
Minimum AFQT Score (with GED): 65


Minimum AFQT Score (with High School Diploma): 31
Minimum AFQT Score (with GED): 31


Minimum AFQT Score (with High School Diploma): 32
Minimum AFQT Score (with GED): 50


Minimum AFQT Score (with High School Diploma): 31
Minimum AFQT Score (with GED): 50


Minimum AFQT Score (with High School Diploma): 40
Minimum AFQT Score (with GED): 50





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